Friday, August 15, 2008

Her name is Chica....and I love her

hello and I am back.
Some people like to say that their lives have been so busy, so chaotic that they could not take the time to blog to you...not I.

I have been laying around enjoying myself...I know you will wait for me.
Today I share a little something about my personal life.
My life d'amour....
my sweet little girl's name is...
and I love her.
Feast your eyes upon my darling...

She whispers sweet nothings in my ear...oh how I love that.

I am just a chihuahua, not a computer you will just have to turn your head for this one....

Back off gentlemen, this little woman is all mine.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

still recovering....

do i need to say more?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Aye Chihuahua....

I need a break! Gimme a break, ok?

The story needs to wait until later, I am tired and have something else to prepare for, ok?
Yes, you will wait...I will be back.


Monday, June 23, 2008

More about me....

I am the Chihuahua who lives in the desert.
As I have said before, some may call me spoiled, but I disagree.
I only live as it was intended for Chihuahuas to live.
Please, to look:

Food and Water - it is delicious, but not as good as my people eat.
Take a closer look:
See, nothing too especial.
This is my day bed. The bed I sleep on during the day when lesser creatures are awake.
Cozy, yes, but meh, its bed.
My Bunny. She is special, nothing ordinary about her. *wink wink*
The leash...keeps my people from wandering off while I am marking the neighborhood.
ahhhh, I do live a nice life, very nice indeed.
Tomorrow I will tell a tale, an amazing adventure.
Be back then, I will not wait.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hello everyone, my name is Skippy, but you may call me Skippito Bandito.
I am a Chihuahua, yes, yes, just like the Taco Bell dog, you think I have not heard that one before?
I live in the desert. No, not out in the middle of the desert, I am a Chihuahua for goodness sake, not a coyote. I live in a house, but that house is in the desert.

I like many things:
car rides
my toys
my people

I have all these things in abundance...I have no worries.
Some may call me spoiled but I prefer to say that I am being taken care of in the proper way.

I hope you will continue to visit, to hear about my adventures, to be in awe of my life.

I bid you farwell for today my amigos.....but I will be back.